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5 Things To Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The last 3 months have changed almost everything in our daily lives. Although we may be working from home and having groceries or take-out meals delivered to us, we still rely heavily on our vehicles to be ready and reliable when we need them. Covid-19 will change the way we travel in the future and will put more Americans back on the road when we fully open up. Seasonal Maintenance is crucial in helping to prevent breakdowns, especially in a time when last thing we want to do is ride home in a tow truck. Not to mention, the average age of automobiles currently on the road is more than ten years old!

1. Tires

Tires are the number one reason for breakdowns. Tread depth should be greater 3/32nds of an inch. Tire inflation should be within specified range by manufacturer, as well the specification on the label of the vehicle itself. The age of tires can be determined from the DOT number on the Sidewall. Typically, a tire that is older than 5 years, should be considered for replacement. The dry, arid climate of the southwest can create premature cracking on the sidewalls. This is the weakest part of the tire and can be the cause of catastrophic failures.

2. Cooling System

Cooling System failures are very common in the Summer months. Plastic tank radiators become brittle over time and can fail without warning. A severe overheat can compromise head gaskets and ruin aluminum engines rapidly. Typically ten years or 100,00 miles, is as long as you would want to run an original radiator, cap and hoses.

3. Battery

Battery and vehicle Charging systems do not like extreme temperatures. A simple inspection and load test can save you money and time in the future. Lead/Acid batteries should be replaced at least every five years regardless of test results.

4. Air Conditioning

We all love to use the Air conditioning in our Vehicle when the ambient temperatures are spiking, but don't always realize how hard other systems work to keep us cool. A partially charged system may produce some cool air, but can be very taxing on the components of the system. A typical overhaul of an air conditioner can be upwards of $2500, while an annual AC service may be less than a couple hundred. Vehicles older than 5 years should have the AC serviced every year.

5. Wipers

Wipers and Washer sprayers are not something we think about much until we really need them! Dried out wipers from the sun won't work very well in the monsoon rains. Windshield washers help clean off the bug guts of your windscreen, ensuring good visibility when traveling.

Reincarnation Inc Specializes in complete auto care and we also sell tires. There is no need to go to 5 different places to have these systems inspected, when we will do it all for no charge.

The Subaru Guys offer paperless Digital Inspections that send a comprehensive report with photos, directly to your smart phone or Email. In conjunction with current social distancing guidelines, we offer text to pay and contactless payment options and also have an outside waiting area.

Call or visit our website to schedule a courtesy inspection today.

Reincarnation Inc, 1300 2nd St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102. 505-933-9293

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