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Common Subaru Repairs and Maintenance

Updated: May 9, 2023

You love your Subaru. We love your Subaru. There are many good reasons for all this Subie love and it’s no wonder they have remained a popular brand, ever since Fuji Jidosha developed the first Subaru concept car in the 1950's. Subaru vehicles are well known for their Safety, Reliability, and Fuel Efficiency. Many people buy Subaru's because they can handle difficult terrain and can adjust to nearly any weather condition. In a place like Albuquerque, New Mexico where the roads can get pretty rough during the winter months, the Subaru's excellent handling is essential. When you need a good All-Purpose Vehicle with Four-Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive, Subaru is a great choice.

At Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys we have helped keep many Subaru's on the road for many years past what the expectations for road worthiness are. But as with all vehicles, inevitably problems arise. The nature of owing any vehicle is that things degrade and eventually need to be fixed. Making sure you’re getting Routine Maintenance done regularly will help prevent some of these major Subaru repairs, but once you hit a certain point in your Subaru Mileage, wear and tear is inevitable. Here is what you need to know about the most common Subaru repairs.

Common Subaru Repairs

Oil Issues

Certain Subaru models have had a history Oil Consumption problems. The piston rings in these models can fail, which causes the Subaru to consume far more Oil than usually necessary. Not only does this necessitate frequent repairs, but it also requires an unusually high number of Oil Changes/Replacements for these Subarus.

Leaking Head Gaskets

Driving around for any significant amount of time with Leaking Head Gaskets can lead to big problems. The major indicator that something could be wrong with a Head Gasket is the loss of Coolant. Coolant can leak from anywhere and you may not see it. Coolant that gets pulled into the Engine can quickly cause damage due to Overheating. Everything from Spark Plugs failing to Corrosion and Rust can occur depending on where the Coolant Leaks. If you’re noticing performance issues, particularly regarding overheating, bring your vehicle in to The Subaru Guys for service right away.

Timing Belt Replacement

The Timing Belt is one of those issues that you will one day have to face, and when a Timing Belt fails, it can mean the end of the engine. That’s why The Subaru Guys recommend replacing the Timing Belt on your Subaru as you approach 100,000 miles, rather than waiting for a more serious issue to arise. For a while, Subaru vehicles developed a reputation for having earlier Timing Belt failures in comparison to other brands. This seems to be isolated to Subarus from the early 2000s, but you should never take Timing Belt issues lightly. If our Digital Inspection shows that replacing your Timing Belt is recommended, you should seriously consider it, especially as you near the 100,000 miles marker.

A/C System O-Rings

One specific cause of issues in the Air Conditioning system in Subaru vehicles is the failure of the A/C system O-ring. It’s not an expensive part and it can be replaced by relatively easily. However, despite it not being a major fix, a broken O-ring causes the leaking of Refrigerant which can have far reaching consequences, such as causing the Compressor to overheat and fail. If you notice any kind of leakage, get your Subaru checked out right away.

Worn Axle Bearings

Axle or wheel bearings going bad give some telltale signs. A lot of it comes down to sound. Clinking, humming, rumbling, and grinding is always a sign of something not going well with your Subaru. Worn axle bearings may give few signs of anything being wrong until real damage is done. So, don’t delay on getting it looked at.

CV Joint Repair

Here is another one of those issues that can get categorized in the “What’s that weird noise?” department. You may not think about it, but there are many joints under your vehicle that help turn your 3,000-pound machine effortlessly. When you start noticing clicking noises when you turn, it could be something wrong with a joint. Subarus are known for needing CV joint repairs regularly. Any changes in handling or new noises when turning, need to be investigated by a reputable Subaru Mechanic.

Recommended Maintenance And Oil Changes

One way to help keep your Subaru safely on the road is to stay up to date on Recommended Maintenance, including Oil Changes. At Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys we recommend the following maintenance schedule for your Subaru:

3,750 Miles Oil Service/General Service

7,500 Miles

Inspection / Oil Service / Tire rotation

15,000 Miles

Inspection / Oil Service / Change Cabin Air Filter / Engine Air Filter

Tire Rotation / Adjust Belts / Adjust Clutch / Adjust Park Brake

30,000 Miles

Inspection / Oil Service / Change Automatic Transmission Fluid / Brake fluid flush

Coolant change (if applicable) / Tune up incl. Filters, Spark Plugs / Tire Rotation / Adjust Park Brake / Adjust Fan Belts

Adjust Clutch / Change front and rear differential fluid

60,000 Miles

Inspection / Oil Service / Change Automatic Transmission Fluid or CVT fluid/ Brake fluid flush

Coolant change (if applicable) / Tune up incl. Filters, Spark Plugs / Tire Rotation / Adjust Park Brake / Adjust Fan Belts

Adjust Clutch / Change front and rear differential fluid

Oil Changes

All vehicles need Oil to keep the Engine lubricated and in proper working order and even the most reliable cars and trucks, such as Subaru's, need Oil Changes on a regular basis.

Staying on top of Oil Changes is one of the most important things you can do to extend the longevity of your Subaru. The Subaru Guys recommend keeping a close eye on the mileage sticker from your last Oil Change and checking the Oil level often. If you smell Burning Oil, hear Clunking Noises, or your Engine is Overheating, your Subaru might be dangerously low on Oil.

If you can’t remember the last time your Subaru had its Oil Changed, be sure to visit The Subaru Guys right away!

Scheduling regular Automotive Service Appointments will help maintain the longevity of your Subaru and can also help prevent Subaru Maintenance issues down the road. Reincarnation Inc. uses OEM Equivalent Subaru Parts to ensure the quality and dependability have come to expect with our Award-Winning Technicians. Additionally, Reincarnation Inc. keeps Detailed Digital Records of all your visits so you have a complete picture of the overall health of your Subaru.

Call The Shop Today to speak with our 5-Star Service team and learn about the Factory-Recommended Maintenance for your Subaru vehicle. Our team will help you understand special considerations for your Subaru, such as driving on dirt roads and towing, and help you schedule a reservation for Recommended Maintenance with The Subaru Guys.


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