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How Can I Make My Car AC Cooler?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

We are getting quite a few calls about Air Conditioning Systems not working very well, now that the ambient temperature is spiking here in Albuquerque. Here are some things that we can all do to help the AC system cool the car down better in the summer months.

First, we must make sure the AC System is charged to its proper capacity with Refrigerant.

Think of it like playing a card game without a full deck. You may be able to deal some cards out and begin a game but will ultimately be unable to finish once you realize you have less than 52 cards! AC systems aren't any different. The Pressure sensors in the AC system are designed to sense extreme pressure either too high or too low. They will still allow the system to turn on and start to cool if there is at least something in the Air Conditioner Lines.

Just like the deck of cards you’ll find the final product disappointing to say the least!

AC performance limits are often tested in extreme temperatures. What was considered passable cooling in the springtime, likely won't cut it when ambient temperatures exceed 100 Degrees Fahrenheit. Someone holding their hand up to the vent is not an accurate performance test. Expert SAE approved refrigerant handling equipment is required to accurately measure what comes out of your car and to properly recharge the system to capacity with fresh oil that also lubricates components.

An Air Conditioner that is undercharged is also doing damage to expensive parts like the compressor, which can ruin the entire system if they fail catastrophically. Proper Annual Air Conditioning Service by a Certified Automotive Technician, meeting 609 Requirements by the EPA, will not only ensure proper charge amount, but will remove moisture from the system and Non-Condensable Gases as well. Make sure the Repair Shop you choose knows what they are talking about when it comes to the Air Conditioning System in your Modern Import Car or Pickup.

Other areas to consider helping beat the heat are Ceramic Window Film, A fitted Sunshade for the windshield and leaving windows just slightly cracked to keep your dashboard from heating up. It's no different than using your oven at home in the summer. Even finding that elusive shady parking spot couldn’t hurt anything either! Most manufacturers systems were not designed to operate in the High Deserts of New Mexico, so we need to take extra steps to help keep cool!

Reincarnation Inc. has been Servicing and Repairing Import Automotive Air Conditioners in New Mexico Since 2011. Our Repair Facility Features the Latest State of the Art Equipment and Training to our Staff, for safe handling of both R-134a and the New R-1234YF Refrigerants.

Call us today at 505-933-9293 or visit our website to reserve an AC System Analysis and Performance Test for your vehicle.

Stay Cool,

The Subaru Guys!

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Big shoutout to HVAC Contractor Delray Beach company for their excellent car AC cooler service! With summer approaching, I wanted to ensure my AC was in top shape and delivered beyond my expectations. My drives are now much more comfortable.

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