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How Often Should I Service The Air Conditioner In My Subaru?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

It may be confusing to know exactly how often to have an automotive repair shop service your cars air conditioner.

Due to EPA regulations automobile manufacturers are being required to use smaller and smaller Air Conditioning Systems to help reduce the strain on our environment. Smaller Compressors and lower Refrigerant capacities means that your cars system must work hard to keep your car cool. This is particularly important in the high deserts of New Mexico!

It is not unusual for a Subaru, Toyota or Honda as new as 3 to 5 years old to lose some refrigerant over time. AC Seals in the system will shrink during the colder months and leak out while the system isn't being used.

By having you cars AC systems Freon serviced and also changing the Cabin Air Filter every year, you will enjoy optimal cooling and avoid costly repairs. A catastrophic failure can cost thousands of dollars. A basic AC service only costs a couple of hundred.

Reincarnation Inc. is an award winning shop located in Albuquerque New Mexico 1300 2nd Street 87102. The Subaru Guys use state of the art equipment and keep all service parts in stock so they can typically have your car back to you in an hour or two. This is also a great opportunity to have Drive Belts and Cooling System Components inspected while your car is in the shop.

These items will be inspected for no additional charge as part of our multi point courtesy inspection Be Sure to Give us a call at 505-933-9293 or visit our new website to make an appointment today!

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