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Why Are Digital Inspections Important?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Reincarnation Inc. is now offering multipoint digital inspections of your Foreign car or truck. Learning about the current state of health of your vehicle, with detailed pictures and videos, has many advantages including avoiding unknown (and often costly) repairs in the future!  Many of our automobiles have had little to no use in the last three months (in lieu of the shutdown) and could use a solid look over before returning back to service.

The automotive industry hasn’t changed much in the last twenty-five years, until now. Now is the future we always dreamed of when it comes to the repair and maintenance of our vehicles. The digital age is upon us and a picture is truly worth a thousand words, if not more! Consumers not only want to be safe in their cars and trucks, they also want value for the money they spend in our repair facilities.

Americans spend an average of ten percent of their gross annual income on automotive related expenses! Gone are the days of being taken into the shop to stand under your car and be shown gory details. Today, clear digital photographs document and explain the current health of your vehicle, with supporting text and educational videos. All of the information can be sent to you electronically, so you can review them from the comfort of your home or workplace. Digital inspection and invoicing allow us to save a lot of paper, helping to sustain our planet for future generations!

In addition to digital inspections, our Independent Import Shop features multiple amenities such as online appointments, contactless payments, a shaded outdoor waiting area, and complimentary beverages. If you prefer not to wait, we offer free rides home Via Uber. Our business is environmentally conscious and runs completely on Solar Energy. We also recycle 100% of our used oil, coolant, tires, scrap metal and batteries.

Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys, is a Full-Service Independent Automotive Repair Facility proudly serving the greater Albuquerque area since 2011. Our award-winning team services Subaru, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Scion, Acura and more.

We look forward to meeting you and your car!

Please call us at 505-933-9293 or visit or website to learn more. 

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