Why Does My Subaru Battery Keep Dying?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

So many changes have taken place in the last 6 months and one huge change for many of us has been how often we use our vehicles. Some of us are now working exclusively from home, relying on delivery for everything from dinner to door knobs, which means our cars are spending much more time in the driveway or garage. Others might have gotten back into the work force and are commuting for longer periods of time, or maybe you've been feeling cooped up in the house and have joined many other people on the road who are out just to take a drive, with no real destination in mind.

No matter how your driving patterns have changed, you might have experienced some issues with your Subaru not starting or needing a few tries before the engine fires. Of course there can be numerous reasons for a Car Not Starting, but often times it is an issue with the Battery that is keeping you from hopping in your Subie and getting on the road.