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Why Should I Have ASE Certified Professionals Service My Vehicle?

Updated: May 9, 2023

For many of of us, our Automobiles serve as more than just transportation.

Your car can be a trusty friend, a safe space to pretend to be a rockstar, or a partner on the job site. Many of us name our Cars and feel all the feelings when they break down and leave us in a pickle. And while you depend on it, your Vehicle depends on you for upkeep.

Naturally you want to do your best to maintain your Vehicle, which is where we come in.

Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys are a full Service Import Automotive Repair Shop in Albuquerque NM, providing Award-Winning Service since 2011. We have built our 5 Star Reputation as a Subaru Specialty Shop and proudly run our Automotive Shop 100% off of Solar Power. In addition to Subarus, our Highly Skilled team of ASE Certified Mechanics also service Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Scion, Acura and Mazda vehicles.

So why does it matter that our team of Automotive Professionals (including our Service Team!) are all ASE Certified? The Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program offers several qualifications for Automotive Mechanics and Service Writers, which cover different aspects of training in the Automotive Industry, such as Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, Heating and Air Conditioning, Service Writing etc.

Since 1972 ASE, an independent non-profit organization, has worked to improve the quality of Vehicle Repair and Service by testing and certifying Automotive Professionals. ASE was founded to help protect the Automotive Service consumer, as well as Shop Owners, and Automotive Technicians themselves, by administering rigorous Automotive testing and education protocols. Considered the gold standard by the Automotive Industry for certification, over a quarter of a million Automotive Industry Professionals hold ASE Certifications.

There are over 50 different types of ASE tests, each specially designed to gauge the individual skills of each Automotive Service Professional. And ASE tests are challenging: only two out of three test takers pass on their first attempt. To remain Certified ASE Professionals must re-test often to keep up with the fast paced changes happening in the Automotive Industry.

Jared Lange, the Owner of Reincarnation Inc. is an ASE Certified Master Advanced Level Specialist which means he has passed all 8 of the ASE tests necessary to achieve ASE "Master" status. The A1 through A8 tests are also the prerequisites for the prestigious L1 Certification, which tests the most difficult aspects of Automotive, Electrical and Drive-Ability scenarios.

Jared has passed and re-certified the "dreaded" L1 test 3 times in his 28 year career in the Automotive Industry. Not only does our whole team hold their own ASE Certifications, but we also provide ongoing paid continuing education for our Techs and Service Writers, including extensive hands-on training with Jared on a daily basis.

If you need a team of Reputable ASE Certified Mechanics in Albuquerque, who are committed to giving your Import Vehicle Exceptional Customer Service for Overall Vehicle Performance and Road Safety, give Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys a call today or visit or website

Our award-winning ASE Certified team will be happy to Diagnose your Import Vehicle, using our State-Of-The-Art Import Repair Shop, which runs off of 100% Renewable Energy. If you have questions about your Import Vehicle, our team will be happy to put their years of training, test taking and hands-on experience to use, helping to keep you and your car safely on the road for years to come.


Reincarnation Inc.

The Subaru Guys

1300 2nd Street NW Albuquerque NM 87102


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