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How Often Should I Align My Subaru?

A Misaligned Subaru can cause a multitude of problems. When your Wheels aren't Aligned properly, you'll end up spending more money on repairs and potentially compromise your safety while driving. Fortunately, there are symptoms to keep an eye on to help you decide if your Subaru needs to be Aligned by a Certified Mechanic.

Commonly, your Subaru will require an Alignment every 10,000 miles or once per year. Driving habits can heavily influence how often you need to get your vehicle Aligned, so you should always check with your ASE Certified Mechanic and read your Subaru Maintenance Manual to find out the best Mileage or Time Interval to Align your Subaru.

Here are 5 Common Things To Keep An Eye On If You Suspect Your Subaru Might Need To Be Aligned. If you notice any of these things, or just have questions in general about your Subaru or other Import Vehicle, be sure to bring your Subaru to Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a complimentary Digital Inspection and Alignment Check.

1. The Steering Wheel Is Crooked

This is a classic sign of a Misaligned Vehicle. If your Subaru is driving straight, but the steering wheel is crooked, it's as important to bring your Subaru in to The Subaru Guys for a Digital Inspection to accurately diagnose the problem.

2. Your Subaru Vibrates

If you notice that your Subaru Is Vibrating--especially around the Steering Wheel--the Wheels or Tires could be slightly pulling in opposite directions. Though there are other reasons you might notice vibrations such as Tire Balance and Brake Pulsation, a Misaligned Vehicle could likely be the cause.

3. Uneven Tire Wear

When your Subaru is properly Aligned, the Tires will wear down more evenly, giving them a longer Tread life. However, Tires on a vehicle that's out of Alignment will wear down at different rates and in different places. Check the Tires on your Subaru often to see what the wear patterns look like. If they're all the same, you may not have an Alignment problem. However, if the Tread looks different on different Tires, have your Vehicle Inspected.

4. Your Subaru Pulls To The Left or Right

If your Tires are properly inflated and your Subaru is pulling to the left or the right, a bad Alignment is the most likely cause. As you can imagine, this is a dangerous situation to be in, since a momentary slip in attention can lead your Vehicle onto a curb or into another Vehicle.

5. Driving Your Subaru Makes You A Little More Tired

If your Subaru is only slightly Misaligned, the serious symptoms listed above may not yet be a problem. Of course, it's best to keep on top of the Recommended Maintenance for any Vehicle so you can avoid dealing with bigger/more costly issues down the road. If your commute leaves you more tired than usual or even gives you sore arms, you may be making constant slight corrections to your Subaru's course. If you've caught a Misalignment early on, you may not have to replace your Subaru's Tires when you get it Aligned properly by a Certified Automotive Professional.

If your Subaru has been giving you issues or you just need a Reputable Mechanic in Albuquerque to give your Subaru the green light for Overall Vehicle Performance and Road Safety, give Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys a call today or visit or website .

Our award-winning team will be happy to Diagnose your Subaru for you. Our Digital Inspection process is easy to understand and will help keep your Import Vehicle happily on the road for years to come.


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