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Is Your AC Ready For A New Mexico Summer?

The extra spicy weather is on it's way and there is nothing more uncomfortable than getting into a hot car during a New Mexico summer and not having the relief of a cool AC system.

If the AC on your Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Volvo, Lexus, Nissan, Mazda, Acura or Scion isn't working or not working well enough to withstand 100 degree weather, be sure to call The Subaru Guys to ask our ASE Certified team how we can help keep you cool all summer long.

6 Common Reasons Your AC Might Not Be Working

  1. AC Refrigerant Problems

The Refrigerant is the life-blood of any Air Conditioning System. It is specially engineered to cycle between liquid and gaseous states to remove heat from the air and create that cool breeze from car vents that we all crave in the summer months. Refrigerant must be at an exact level for the AC to work right. While overfilling is a common problem for those who turn to cheap AC-in-a-can recharge kits, our Import Repair Shop most commonly sees Refrigerant problems caused by leaks. We can find these leaks quickly and easily by adding a special dye to the system.

2. Dead AC Compressor

The AC Compressor has a big job of consistently being cycled on and off. The constant motion takes a toll on even the best made Subaru, Toyota and Honda parts. If your car's AC Compressor goes out, you're probably looking at one of two ways of getting the problem solved. Often, simply replacing the clutch in the AC Compressor will solve the problem. However, it is just as common for the entire AC Compressor to need to be replaced. Either way, your AC system will likely need to be recharged to get your AC system blowing cool again.

3. AC Compressor Switch

The Refrigerant inside your car's AC system is circulated by the AC Compressor mentioned above. The on-and-off cycling of the AC Compressor is operated by a special switch called the AC Compressor Switch, which helps maintain the circulation of Refrigerant so the right amount of pressure remains consistent. If this switch goes bad, the Compressor may never turn on, or it could stay on too long and damage other parts of the AC system.

4. Damaged AC Condensor

Air Conditioning works because the refrigerant removes heat from the air. It then needs to release the heat, and that's where the AC Condenser comes in. This part looks similar to a Radiator and is even typically positioned by the Engine's Radiator. It is called a Condenser because the Refrigerant will lose its heat as it condenses inside. Since it's right up front by the Radiator, things like rocks, a bad pothole, or a hidden curb can damage it and allow Refrigerant to leak out.

5. Faulty AC Dryer

The AC Dryer serves as something of an auxiliary tank for excess Refrigerant, and it also helps to remove moisture from the AC system. Typically, when the AC Dryer goes bad, you'll start to notice a moldy smell when the AC is on. If the dryer fails, it can also cause your AC to blow hot air.

6. Bad Expansion Valve

The AC Expansion Valve is responsible for doling out the proper amount of Refrigerant. The most common symptom of a bad AC Expansion Valve is air that starts out cold, but then goes warm before sometimes returning to cold again. If you're not feeling confident that your AC will take you through the summer comfortably, be sure to call The Subaru Guys for more information about how our ASE Certified Technicians can help keep you cool this Summer.

If you need a Reputable Mechanic in Albuquerque who is committed to giving your Import Vehicle Exceptional Customer Service for Overall Vehicle Performance and Road Safety, give Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys a call today or visit or website

Our award-winning team will be happy to Diagnose your Import Vehicle for you using our State-Of-The-Art Solar Powered Import Repair Shop. If you have questions about your Import Vehicle, our Digital Inspection process is easy to understand and will help keep you happily on the road for years to come.


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Absolutely thrilled with the service provided by HVAC Contractor Sunrise company for getting our AC ready for the summer! From scheduling to completion, the process was smooth and efficient.

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