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Common Volvo Repairs And Maintenance

Updated: May 9, 2023

As the proud owner of a Volvo, you know better than anyone just how versatile, safe and fun Volvos are to drive. But just like with any other make or model of vehicle, Volvos do run into some common repair issues. Having a trusted Volvo mechanic on your side who is well-versed in common Volvo repairs and maintenance, can give you great peace of mind.

And even though we're called "The Subaru Guys", we love repairing your Volvos too!

Volvo has a strong of reliable vehicles including the 240s, 850s, S90s, 960s, V40s, S60, S80, V90, 740, CrossOvers, Cross Country, Wagons and even Plug In Hybrids. Volvo vehicles are well known for their Safety, Reliability, and Fuel Efficiency. Many people buy Volvo's because they can handle difficult terrain and can adjust to nearly any weather condition. In a place like Albuquerque, New Mexico where the roads can get pretty rough, Volvos excellent handling is essential. When you need a good All-Purpose Vehicle with All-Wheel Drive, Volvo is a great choice.

With over 25 years of experience working on Volvos, the team of ASE Certified Techs at Reincarnation Inc. are well versed in repairing common (and not so common) Volvo repair issues.

Here are 4 common issues that The Subaru Guys see often in Volvos:

1. Dashboard Indicator Lights

One general complaint with Volvos is that the dashboard indicator lights, such as the check engine light and other warning lights, come on frequently. This can happen even when there is nothing physically wrong with the car. Best practice is that any time a light comes on the dashboard indicator, you should take it seriously. Ignoring any illumined dash lights can lead to costly repairs, so if you ever have a question about a dashboard indicator light in your Volvo, be sure to reach out to The Subaru Guys in Albuquerque right away.

2. Headlight Burnout

In general, Volvo headlights have a shorter lifespan than other cars headlights. Therefore, headlight burnout can become an issue with many Volvo models. Changing the bulbs regularly in your Volvo, is a quick service The Subaru Guys are happy to help with anytime a light goes out on your Volvo. If you notice, however, that the same light goes out again and again, this could signal an issue with the electrical system itself, so be sure to let us know about any chronic bulb problems with your Volvo the next time you bring your Volvo to Reincarnation Inc. for general service.

3. Oil Clogs and Leaks

The Flame Trap System inherent in Volvos can cause oil to clog or leak, which can lead to engine damage. The importance of regular oil changes cannot be understated. We recommend having your oil changed every 3,000 miles. If you notice a rough-sounding engine idle, this could signal a drop in oil pressure, so be sure to have the team at Reincarnation Inc. check it out immediately.

4.Malfunctioning Air Conditioner System

Some Volvos can have a malfunctioning temperature sensor, which unexpectedly shuts off the AC before the cabin has reached optimal temperature. Or the AC can even start producing heat instead of cool air. Ask The Subaru Guys to check the compressor or compressor clutch in your Volvo for proper functioning.

Recommended Maintenance And Oil Changes For Your Volvo

One way to help keep your Volvo safely on the road is to stay up to date on Recommended Maintenance, including Oil Changes. At Reincarnation Inc. The Subaru Guys we recommend the following maintenance schedule for your Volvo:

3,750 Miles

Oil Service/General Service

7,500 Miles

Digital Inspection / Oil Service / Tire rotation

15,000 Miles

Digital Inspection / Oil Service / Change Cabin Air Filter / Engine Air Filter

Tire Rotation / Adjust Belts / Adjust Clutch / Adjust Park Brake

30,000 Miles

Digital Inspection / Oil Service / Change Automatic Transmission Fluid / Brake fluid flush

Coolant change (if applicable) / Tune up incl. Filters, Spark Plugs / Tire Rotation / Adjust Park Brake / Adjust Fan Belts/Adjust Clutch / Change front and rear differential fluid

60,000 Miles

Digital Inspection / Oil Service / Change Automatic Transmission Fluid or CVT fluid/ Brake fluid flush/Coolant change (if applicable) / Tune up incl. Filters, Spark Plugs / Tire Rotation / Adjust Park Brake / Adjust Fan Belts/Adjust Clutch / Change front and rear differential fluid.

Oil Changes

All vehicles need Oil to keep the Engine lubricated and in proper working order and even the most reliable cars and trucks, such as Volvo's, need Oil Changes on a regular basis.

Staying on top of Oil Changes is one of the most important things you can do to extend the longevity of your Volvo. The Subaru Guys recommend keeping a close eye on the mileage sticker from your last Oil Change and checking the Oil level often. If you smell Burning Oil, hear Clunking Noises, or your Engine is Overheating, your Volvo might be dangerously low on Oil.

If you can’t remember the last time your Volvo had its Oil Changed, be sure to visit The Subaru Guys right away!

Scheduling regular Automotive Service Appointments will help maintain the longevity of your Volvo and can also help prevent Common Volvo Maintenance issues down the road. Reincarnation Inc. uses OEM Equivalent Volvo Parts to ensure the quality and dependability you have come to expect with our Award-Winning Technicians. Additionally, Reincarnation Inc. keeps Detailed Digital Records of all your visits so you have a complete picture of the overall health of your Volvo.

Call The Subaru Guys Today to speak with our 5-Star Service team and learn about the Factory-Recommended Maintenance for your Volvo. Our ASE certified team will help you understand special considerations for your Volvo, such as driving on dirt roads and towing, and help you schedule a reservation for Recommended Maintenance with The Subaru Guys to keep your Volvo safely on the road for years to come.

We love Volvos and look forward to servicing yours soon!


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